Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit

Authors: W. Terkaj, M. Urgo. Contributors: F. Berardinucci, M. Lorusso

The Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit (VLFT) is a set of existing digital tools to support advanced engineering education in manufacturing. The aim of the VLFT is to bring back to the engineering students the results of research activities in the field of digital manufacturing related to the modeling and analysis of a manufacturing system, virtual and augmented reality, as well as the role of the human workers in a factory.

VLFT grounds on a common knowledge base that consists of data model and data repository relying on semantic web technology. In principle, any digital tool can be integrated in the VLFT framework if it is possible to access and modify its internal data structures (e.g. via exchange files or an API), thus creating data flows with the knowledge base, possibly in an automated way.

The Virtual Learning Factory Toolkit (VLFT) documentation consists of the following main sections:

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