Utilities tool provides functionalities to generate reports and exchange files based on the contents of the currently loaded ontology modules:

  • Generate Log, generating a log about the individuals and related properties.

  • Integrity Check, checking the integrity of all individuals by interpreting the OWL axioms as Integrity Constraints according to the Closed World Assumption (CWA).

  • Report:

    • T-box report in terms of classes, object properties, datatype properties.

    • Metrics of ontology modules.

  • Clean Ontology Modules, cleaning the ontology modules by deleting dangling individuals

  • Export 3D scene, generating exchange .json file representing a 3D scene for an application based on

  • Export a .json file representing the contents of the loaded ontology module.

  • Export 3D Animation, generating exchange .json file representing a 3D animation for an application based on:

  • Import JSON, importing the contents of a .json file to loaded ontology module.

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