OntoGuiWeb is a web application providing a graphical user interface for the instantiation and exploration of OWL ontologies. Like its original desktop application OntoGui, OntoGuiWeb aims at supporting:
  • The fast evaluation of a T-box under development by concurrently instantiating a corresponding A-box, thus implementing a kind of test-driven development approach.
  • The generation of RDF data sets to be used as input for other ontology-based applications, without needing customized graphical user interfaces or data converters.
OntoGuiWeb works on any browser that supports WebGL and no specific configuration of the hardware is needed. The same can be stated for the Operating System (OS). OntoGuiWeb is developed in JavaScript making use of libraries rdflib, opn, path, server, xmlhttprequest. Source code of OntoGuiWeb is available upon request for non-commercial applications.
A demo of OntoGuiWeb is available.
Contact person: Walter Terkaj (CNR-STIIMA)

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