Individual Manager

OWL Individual Manager is a general purpose tool for the management of OWL individuals. The main window of the tool is dynamically reconfigured every time an OWL class belonging to the available T-box is selected (in the top left corner). After loading an ontology module in the control panel and selecting an OWL class in OWL Individual Manager, the characterization of the OWL classes provided by the RdfCpp library enables the following functionalities:

  • Generation and listing of individuals belonging to the selected class.

  • Exploring one individual or generate a new individual belonging to the selected class.

  • Listing the properties that can have the selected individual as a subject, based on the T-box axioms. For each property it is possible to visualize the target value that is found at the end of the property chain.

  • Exploring and setting the target value of a property for the selected individual.

  • Checking the integrity of the selected individual by interpreting the OWL axioms as Integrity Constraints according to the Closed World Assumption (CWA).

Launch OWL Individual Manager:

Here's a description of the features and usage of the Individual Manager:

  1. List of Selectable OWL classes. The individuals belonging to the selected class (and subclasses if the corresponding box is checked) are searched.

  2. If working with a local repository, it is necessary to explicitly save if the modifications must be mantained. If working with Stardog repository any modification is immediately saved in the repository.

  3. Create an individual of the selected OWL class with the specified Local URI in the selected ontology module.

  4. List of selectable Individuals belonging to the selected OWL class.

  5. Local URI of the selected Individual. This value can be changed.

  6. Informations about the selected individual.

  7. Delete the selected Individual from the ontology module.

  1. Listing the properties that can have the selected individual as a subject, based on the T-box axioms.

  2. Add a triple to the ontology module having the selected individual as subject, the currently explored property as predicate and a new or existing individual as target belonging to the selected target class.

  3. Delete the relation between the selected individual and the target individual via the currently explored property.

  4. Delete the target individual from the ontology module (therefore also the relation with the selected individual is deleted).

  1. List of targets of the selected individual and property.

  2. Selected target individual. It can be double-clicked to be explored as new main selected individual.

  3. Details of the selected target individual. It is possible to set values if the target individual can be the subject of a relation involving a datatype property.

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