How to start

Hardware, OS, browser compatibility

jsimIO is a platform-independent Python library, compatible with Python > 3.x.

Java Modelling Tools is platform-independent and requires only the Java Oracle JDK.

jsimIO installation instruction are also reported in the file in the GitHub repository:

Testing Platforms

The library has been succesfully tested with:

  • Microsoft Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10

  • Mac OS X 10.4.6+

  • Linux Ubuntu 16.10+


JMT - Java Modelling Tools require the installation of Oracle/Sun Java JDK. To download it, visit The required package is called "Oracle JDK".

Select your O.S., accept the Terms and Conditions and download and install the application.

Download jsimIO

To download jsimIO, download or clone the jsimIO repository:

Download JMT

The required file to download is the Java .jar executable, not the JMT installer.

Current Stable JMT Version: 1.1.1

JAR Version Download it here

After downloading the executable, rename it to JMT.jar and place it in the jsimIO subfolder, where JMT.jar_GOES_HERE file is located.


See license informations in the License page.

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