Asset Design

Asset Design is a general purpose tool for the management of Assets modeled as OWL individuals.

The GUI enable to select the root graph to query and select the available individuals filtered according to an OWL Class. It is also possible to create new individuals by instantiating the selected OWL Class.

The selected individual can be explored and updated according to the following properties:

  • URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), i.e. a unique identifier

  • Class, i.e. tha actual class the individual belongs to

  • Description

  • Placement

  • Its Model

  • Modeled Objects

  • Parent Object, in case of components in a hierarchy

  • Assignments to other assets

  • Connected to other assets

  • Container, i.e. element that contains the asset (e.g. a building)

  • assets that it Contains

  • Failure modes

  • Representation, i.e. 3D model

  • Capacity in case of a buffer element

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