VLF Knowledge Base

The VLF Knowledge Base is grounding on a standard, extensible, and common data model for the representation of factory objects related to production systems, resources, processes and products. This factory data model is developed as an OWL ontology, since this language provides a way to generate a flexible data model integrating different knowledge domains, enabling knowledge sharing between several applications and a fluent flow of data between different entities. In particular, the VLF Knowledge Base exploits already existing technical standards (e.g. Industry Foundation Classes, UML Statechart, W3C SSN/SOSA) and research results by CNR-STIIMA and Politecnico di Milano-Mechanical Engineering Department.

The VLF Knowledge Base will be continuously extended by adding concepts to the data model that is used to instantiate models representing academic use cases and industrial case studies. The results of the modelling activities will be stored in the knowledge base to be used for future teaching and training purposes. The knowledge base can be implemented adopting different technologies ranging from file-based solutions to relational databases and to native triple stores.

Contact person: Walter Terkaj (CNR-STIIMA)

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