System Design

System Design tool is an OntoGui module that supports the design of a production system and in particular the definition of part types, process plans, and the elements of the system like machines and buffers. The process plans can be decomposed into process step characterized by precedence relations. Moreover, the process steps can be assigned to the elements of the production systems.

The graphical user interface of System Design can be divided into areas associated with different phases of the configuration of a production system, as shown in the next figure.

  • PART TYPES. Part types can be created, selected or deleted.

  • PROCESS PLANS. Process plans to produce the currently selected part type can be created, selected or deleted.

  • PROCESS STEPS. The selected process plan can be decomposed into process steps characterized by processing times.

    • SUCCESORS. It is possible to specify which is the successor of the selected process steps, thus defining precedence relations.

    • ASSIGNMENTS. The selected process step can be assigned to resources/resource types that are needed to complete/execute the process step.

  • SYSTEMS. Production systems can be created, selected or deleted.

    • SYSTEM ELEMENTS. Production system are defined as an aggregation of elements like machines and buffers. It is also possible to specify the connections between machine tools and buffers. Moreover, machine tools can be characterized by their failure modes and buffers in terms of capacity.

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