Manuals & Books

  • Java Modelling Tools - User manual v1.0.4, 227 pages, 4 September 2019. (Manual)

    • G.Serazzi Ed. Performance Evaluation Modelling with JMT: learning by examples Politecnico di Milano - DEI, TR 2008.09, 366 pp., June 2008 (Book)


  • Video lectures: introduction to queueing theory, JSIMgraph and JMVA.

  • Video demos: short videos illustrating key features of JSIMgraph and JMVA.

  • G.Serazzi. Advanced features for Multi-formalism modelling with Java Modelling Tools. EPEW Keynote, November 2019, Milan, Italy. (Slides - PDF)

  • G.Casale, G.Serazzi, L.Zhu. Performance Evaluation with Java Modelling Tools: a Hands-On Introduction. IFIP Performance Conference, November 2017, NYC, US. (Slides - PPT) (Slides - PDF) (Examples)

  • G.Casale, G.Serazzi. Quantitative System Evaluation with Java Modelling Tools. 2nd ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE), March 2011, Karlsruhe, Germany. (Slides - PPT) (Slides - PDF)


  • M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi. JMT: performance engineering tools for system modeling. ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, Volume 36 Issue 4, New York, US, March 2009, 10-15, ACM press. (Article) (BibTex)

  • G. Casale, M. Cazzoli, S. Jiang, V. S. Lopes, G. Serazzi, L. Zhu. Generalized Synchronizations and Capacity Constraints for Java Modelling Tools. ACM/SPEC ICPE 2017, 169-170, ACM press. (Article) (BibTex)

  • M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi. User-Friendly Approach to Capacity Planning Studies with Java Modelling Tools. Int.l ICST Conf. on Simulation Tools and Techniques, SIMUTools 2009, Rome, Italy, 2009, ACM press. (Article) (Slides) (BibTex)

  • M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi. The JMT Simulator for Performance Evaluation of Non-Product-Form Queueing Networks. SCS Annual Simulation Symposium 2007, Norfolk,VA, US, 3-10, IEEE Press. (Article) (Slides) (BibTex)

  • M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi. An Overview of the JMT Queueing Network Simulator. Politecnico di Milano - DEI, TR 2007.2, 2007. (Article) (BibTex)

  • M.Bertoli, G.Casale, G.Serazzi. Java Modelling Tools: an Open Source Suite for Queueing Network Modelling and Workload Analysis. Proceedings of QEST 2006 Conference, Riverside, US, Sep 2006, 119-120, IEEE Press. (Article) (Slides) (BibTex)

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