jsimIO is a platform-independent Python library, compatible with Python > 3.x, which can be used to generate JSIM simulation models of a manufacturing system and run the simulation from a Python environment using the Java Modelling Tools (JMT) simulation engine.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/frabera/jsimIO


jsimIO is able to generate simulation models for manufacturing systems with the following characterstics:

  • Multiple part-types

  • Open and closed part-type classes

  • Assembly operations (sub-assembly part types can be joined to a assembled part type)

  • Multiple drop and scheduling strategies

  • Multiple statistical distribution for modelling service times and arrival times.

For a detailed description, refer to the jsimIO Manual in the dedicated GitHub repository.

The available nodes to model the system are:

  • Source

  • Sink

  • Station composed by:

    • Queue of finite or infinite size

    • Server with single or finite number of concurrent jobs

  • Infinite Server (Delay)

  • Fork

  • Join

  • Logger


Many different measures can be selected as simulations result, such as the throughput or the average number of customers, both referred to a single node or to the whole system. For further information please refer to the JMT manual.

Simulation Log

Using the Logger station, it is possible to save a log of each event relate to part flowing by the station.

jsimIO can automatically add a preceding Logger station to each node of the system. In this way, at the end of the simulation a log file is saved as a .csv file containing all the events and part flows in the system for further analysis.

Installation and Requirements

For installation instructions and requirements, visit the dedicated page:

pageHow to start

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