jsimIO is a platform-independent Python library, compatible with Python > 3.x, which can be used to generate JSIM simulation models of a manufacturing system and run the simulation from a Python environment using the Java Modelling Tools (JMT) simulation engine.
GitHub repository: https://github.com/frabera/jsimIO


jsimIO is able to generate simulation models for manufacturing systems with the following characterstics:
    Multiple part-types
    Open and closed part-type classes
    Assembly operations (sub-assembly part types can be joined to a assembled part type)
    Multiple drop and scheduling strategies
    Multiple statistical distribution for modelling service times and arrival times.
For a detailed description, refer to the jsimIO Manual in the dedicated GitHub repository.
The available nodes to model the system are:
    Station composed by:
      Queue of finite or infinite size
      Server with single or finite number of concurrent jobs
    Infinite Server (Delay)


Many different measures can be selected as simulations result, such as the throughput or the average number of customers, both referred to a single node or to the whole system. For further information please refer to the JMT manual.

Simulation Log

Using the Logger station, it is possible to save a log of each event relate to part flowing by the station.
jsimIO can automatically add a preceding Logger station to each node of the system. In this way, at the end of the simulation a log file is saved as a .csv file containing all the events and part flows in the system for further analysis.

Installation and Requirements

For installation instructions and requirements, visit the dedicated page:
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